Vida E-Tree

We created something unique, specially for the Festive campaign in Dubai


We created Vida E-Tree from start to finish to make sure we built exactly what we were aiming at. This involved initial prototypes to quickly get our ideas onto paper, to the design phase where we were able to envisage the perfect final product. And then of course, the development phase where our ideas were put into practice and the Vida E-Tree was made.





Not all Christmas trees have to be the same, so with the massive power of social media we decided to create a unique Vida Tree specially for the Festive campaign in Dubai.

Why not build a digital Christmas tree, where everyone in the world can be involved? You know it’s festive in Dubai when the decorations are made of pixels. Our digital tree would be set up in the main lobby and would appear similarly to a hologram. A 2.5 meter tall acrylic tree cutout that’s covered with special 3m back projection film. A simple projector staged behind the tree would then project video images onto the Christmas tree cutout, hence — the hologram.

That’s only the beginning though. Anyone in the world can help to virtually decorate the tree. All they need is the Facebook app, where they can then decorate the tree with their own personalized decorations and a festive message. Can it get any better than a Christmas tree at the lobby of Vida Downtown, decorated by people all over the world?


To make the idea of a digital Christmas tree possible, we used a 2.5 meter tree shaped cutout of acrylic that was then covered with a special 3m back projection film. This allowed us to get that great hologram style that was seriously effective. A completely unique and technology inspired take on Christmas.


Thanks to the massive popularity of social media, we could make our decorations a global effort. Anyone could take part in adding their own style to any of the 196 different items that the tree is made of. A collection of different cultures and ideas all in one place.


The tree is built up with a sense of building blocks. With 196 available items of 5 different sizes, we wanted to allow for everyone to add their little bit to the tree at the same time. That means, our tree in Dubai’s Vida lobby could have been designed and decorated by 196 unique people at any time.


We’ve made it easy for anyone to decorate the tree remotely, wherever they may be. The Facebook app has been developed to work on phone or desktop computer. Simply choose a slot, a color and your favorite decoration and the decoration will appear live on the tree. You’ll even get notifications when a new decoration is added so you can see the new look.


Katerina Gaidukova

Katerina Gaidukova

Account director, One Pixel Down DMMC

We have worked on many projects with Shakuro before and Vida E-Tree was as successful as many of the other projects in the past. We had a very tight deadline (1.5 month to be exact) to complete a major task and to launch in time for Christmas. We had full confidence in Shakuro’s team and their ability to deliver on time, and wouldn’t have let anyone else do it. It was very easy to work with the project managers and developers, as always. And the tree went up exactly on time as expected, it was an amazing idea which turned into a stunning reality and blew everyone away.

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