Innovative Business Solutions is an efficient solution for businesses to arrange their document flow in a smart and ordered way that helps save time and money. The platform offers a wide range of features from the premium scanning technology for mobile devices to a versatile Business API that provides automation of scanning and organizing tasks.


The idea with and was to bring modern technology into paperwork. The days of countless folders of paper, pens, and chaos are over. makes managing your documents digitally easy regardless of your experience with technology.

Use and to digitize, edit, and manage all types of documents on any device. All the content is mobile integrated and saved in the cloud so that you can access it anywhere anytime. The featured professional editing tools on top of a high-performance scanning technology are simple, easy to use and effective.


We managed all the product technical development stages. Working in a close contact with team, we made sure we delivered the functionality that meets the goals of the project; that is create a revolutionary document scanning and managing tool.




Scan your documents and use our powerful editing features.

Editing the file

Use simple editing tool to change text, add images, and customize the document.

Mark text passages

Highlight the chunks of text you need to pay special attention or return to.

Add notes

Attach notes to any part of the document.

Add signature

Use the signature preset to sign your documents without the need to print them.

SCAN IN A BRILLIANT HD QUALITY creates detailed HD copies of any type of document you are scanning, whether those are business documents, magazine pages, instructions and so on.

Automated frame recognition automatically recognizes the size and frame of your document to fit in the entire content.

Perspective correction fixes all the wrong angles and perspectives and makes your documents flat, as if using a stationary scaner.

Rotate scan

Rotate your documents to better fit your needs.

Crop scan

Crop your documents to cut the unnecessary parts off.

Optimize scan with filters

Use the build-in filters to optimize, sharpen, or clarify your documents.


Scanning technology

Digitize all of your paperwork in seconds with’s scanning technology. No need to keep countless paper folders and clips.


The advanced semantic detection methods bring your documents to life. analyzes content to recognize and amplify the meaning. for developers

The API and SDK are available for both scanning and semantic technologies, so that they can be integrated into your systems.

Flexible payment system

Make payments from anywhere with customised simple solution, integrated into mobile payment technology.


Import documents

Import unlimited documents fast and easy.

Organize documents

Arrange and structure your documents in a simple and quick way.

Save time & money

Benefit from and both timewise and financially.

Search & find

Navigate your documents using’s deliberate search technology.


Customize your workspace to create your own bespoke experience.

Safe anywhere anytime

Store your documents in a secure cloud reachable from anywhere 24/7.

Paul Krion

Paul Krion

Director of Engineering,

Shakuro has a highly skilled team that built great mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone for us which helped us to focus on our backend. They were able to cope with ever-changing requirements and used their expert knowledge to help us always deliver great products for thousands of users on time. Thank you guys for being an essential and awesome part of our team!

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