Shakuro Extended
Team Model

We offer a next-level outsourcing partnership in our Extended Team Model service. Build your own development workshop at lower cost and higher efficiency, and leave its maintenance to us!

About ETM

Most of the US-based startups have a hard time finding a complete full-stack development teams, let alone building one from scratch. That type of search might take months and end up with failure due to the fact that most of top-notch developers have been taken by a bigger competition.

Limiting the search just by one country is no longer relevant. Even though a lot of well-established team-building strategies have been based upon the home team model, the GSD (Global Software Development) method has come to mix it all up. One of the models gaining popularity throughout the industry is Extended Team Model (ETM). Offshore development has been around, outsourcing is an established operation strategy, so how is ETM any different?

Imagine your head-office team spread through the continent… or the planet. Without being to comic-book-villainish, this means you can extend your team to reach the human talent resources that are not available in person, but are there for you through a number of efficient mediators.

Having a remote hired team becomes a headache at times when the transparency gets compromised due to the fact that the team might have several projects simultaneously and the prioritization is something you can’t influence. This is the reason for one-project-long partnership and hassle repeating with every next endeavor. The ETM model tackles the principle of contractorship, turning a remote team into a full-blown branch of your organization.

Range Of Services

Our spectrum is defined by our expertise.
We offer a team of professionals skilled in the following areas.


Making iPhones and Android apps.


Building websites and web applications.


Designing digital products.

Our ETM gives you

Constant control of time/effort ratio of your project.

You can apply time or task-driven control of your extended team’s performance with a 100% transparency and synchronization.

Common contribution to success and equal responsibilities.

The team is involved in the complete cycle of development, not just an isolated part of it which makes for a better transition and continuity.

Growth opportunities without distracting the home team.

You might have a successful project your home team has been working on and you plan on them continuing developing it. You can delegate all the new and side projects to your extended team.

Direct communication between workers of different departments.

Effective communication in remote teams depends on managers. With an extended team you can establish a direct contact between all the employees.

Reduced staff fluctuations.

Extended team is part of a bigger team and employees associate better with large companies which reduces turnover and leads to a steady flow.

Employee training throughout the enterprise.

Having your corporate integrity shining through all your products is important and can only be achieved by extensive and continuous team training throughout the company departments.

How our ETM works

The oustanding quality of delivery media that are Apple devices, we are bound to the high standards of iOS application design and development. Alongside, we make sure products we build are timely, bold, and innovative


Once affinity is established, we hand-pick a custom team specific for your project. We have a direct access to the region’s development and design talent pool as well as an experienced HR and management team. Stage duration 1-4 weeks.


You approve the team based on your specific criteria and build the process according to your company standards at a cost significantly lower than at home but with the same efficiency and output. Stage duration 2-3 weeks.


Your project is run according to the goals and priorities you settle. We are vesting into the common interest of your business without any distractions and with full responsibility. The team will fluently embed into your workflow and inherit your standards relying on the experience we have accumulated with the majority of approaches — from Waterfall to Agile.


The team perseveres through your multiple projects, objectives, and scalings. The environment in your remote workshop that we create is not product-based but time-based, so employee promotion is your choice. We have a successful experience of face-to-face meetings and discussions years after the fruitful remote collaboration. Stage duration — as long as it takes.

We offer


flexible pricing


ETM engagement strategies


recruitment plans

Choose your strategy

Our approach is client-specific. We evaluate all the factors and attributes of each individual project, so our extended team model is unique for every company, however, we follow the general guidelines in strategy selection and involvement.


Up to 3 dedicated engineers to perform startup and small business tasks.

Mid Size Extension

4 to 10 employees of different specialities to handle the middle niche company goals.

Enterprise Package

10+ full-stack developers, designers, Q&A engineers and project managers for greater firms.


Every project requires a unique approach to discover its potential. Being aware of major trends, staying on the edge of current business strategies allows us to fulfill cost-efficient and credible production agenda.

Let’s talk about your idea!